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Žerdoner Čalasan A., Hurka H., German D.A., Pfanzelt S., Blattner F.R., Seidl A., Neuffer B. (2021): Pleistocene dynamics of the Eurasian steppe as a driving force of evolution: Phylogenetic history of the genus Capsella (Brassicaceae). Ecology and Evolution 11(18), 12697 - 12713. [DOI: 10.1002/ece3.8015]

Pfanzelt S., Ptáček J., Sklenář P., von Hagen K.B., and Albach D.C. (2021): Genome size in South American Gentianella (Gentianaceae, Swertiinae), with a special emphasis on species from the Bolivian and Ecuadorian Andes. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 106, 31 - 46. [DOI: 10.3417/2020610]

Seidl A., Tremetsberger K., Pfanzelt S., Blattner F.R., Neuffer B., Friesen N., Hurka H., Shmakov A., Batlai O., Žerdoner Čalasan A., Vesselova P.V., and Bernhardt K.-G. (2021): The phylogeographic history of Krascheninnikovia reflects the development of dry steppes and semi-deserts in Eurasia. Scientific Reports 11, 6645. [DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-85735-z]

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Pfanzelt S., Šarhanová P., Albach D.C. & von Hagen K.B. (2019): Tabula rasa in the Patagonian Channels II: The cushion peat bog species Astelia pumila (Asteliaceae) and Donatia fascicularis (Stylidiaceae) survived the last glacial in south-central Chile. Journal of Biogeography 46(5): 899 – 914.

Pfanzelt S., Albach D.C. & von Hagen K.B. (2019): Extremely low levels of chloroplast genome sequence variability in Astelia pumila (Asteliaceae, Asparagales). PeerJ 7: e6244.

Šarhanová P., Pfanzelt S., Brandt R., Himmelbach A. & Blattner F.R. (2018): SSR-seq: genotyping of microsatellites using next-generation sequencing reveals higher level of polymorphism as compared to traditional fragment size scoring. Ecology and Evolution 8(22): 10817 – 10833.

Kosachev P., Novikova V., Pfanzelt S., Schöngart S. & Albach D.C. (2017): Morphometric study of hybridogenic species in Veronica subgenus Pseudolysimachium (Plantaginaceae). Acta Biologica Sibirica 4(2): 47 – 52.

Pfanzelt S., Albach D.C. & von Hagen K.B. (2017): Tabula rasa in the Patagonian Channels? The phylogeography of Oreobolus obtusangulus (Cyperaceae). Molecular Ecology 26(15): 4027 – 4044.

Sochor M., Šarhanová P., Pfanzelt S. & Trávníček B. (2017): Origin of apomicts as a result of the sexual ancestor's phylogeography: a model case of European and Caucasian brambles (Rubus, Rosaceae). Journal of Biogeography 44(12): 2717 – 2728.

Kosachev P., Pfanzelt S., Mayland-Quellhorst E. & Albach D.C. (2017): The distribution of the endemic species Veronica × czemalensis in the Altai according to the analysis of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), pp. 250 – 254 [auf Russisch]. In: A.I. Shmakov & T.M. Kopytina (Hrsg.). Problems of Botany of South Siberia and Mongolia. Proceedings of the 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference (Barnaul, 5 – 8 June 2017). Barnaul: Concept. 344 pp.

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Surina B., Pfanzelt S., Einzmann H.J.R., Albach D.C. (2014): Bridging the Alps and the Middle East: Evolution, phylogeny and systematics of the genus Wulfenia (Plantaginaceae). Taxon 63(4): 843 – 858.

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Pfanzelt S., Grau J., Rodríguez R. (2008): A vegetation map of Nevados de Chillán volcanic complex, Bío-Bío Region, Chile. Gayana Botánica 65(2): 209 – 219.

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