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The Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg, covering an area of 21.2 hectares (52.4 acres), is home to approximately 19,600 species and subspecies.

Large cactus house
Take a botanical journey in the greenhouses to hot and humid regions, visit the evergreen mountain forests of the more temperate tropical regions, or explore the hot and arid deserts.
You will find ideas for your own garden in the ornamental courtyard and in the neighboring special themes section dedicated to ecology and genetics.
Or you may just want to go for a stroll, for example in the Arboretum, among the Rhododendrons, or through the fern gallery towards the lake and rock garden.

The Botanical Garden is used for scientific research, which include plants at the Alpine Garden on the Schachen (1,860 m). The Garden is also a place for the training or further education of gardeners. Last but not least it provides a refuge for birds and insects.

Whether you are interested in botany or just visiting to relax in tranquil and beautiful surroundings – we hope that your visit will be enjoyable.

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